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Audiobook: Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health 50.00 CAD
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"What is Dianetics? Well, Dianetics is a method for erasing all of the pain out of a person's lifetime. You can understand that if a person had never had any pain in their life, they would be happy, right? Well, in Dianetics you erase all of the pain out of a person's lifetime and they are well." L.Ron Hubbard

With proper study of this audiobook(or better, along with the "How to Use Dianetics" dvd demonstrating the procedure), two people can soon start doing Dianetics almost anywhere, even at home!

"The over. I can look, understand, decide and take action. No more inner conflict. Through Dianetics, I'm on my way to reaching my goals." - Chick Corea, Grammy Award winning jazz musician.
"Dianetics helped me greatly to stay balanced. It gave me what I have been searching for: a way of looking at the world, of knowing who I really am and of achieving things which I would have really hesitated to pursue before. - John Travolta, actor
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