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Annonce # 1372321465
Offre de vente 30000.00 USD
(Offre - Particulier)
*** Une offre à ne pas rater ! ***
Hello, Sir.
My name’s Mr. Phillips. I found your address on the internet and I would like to propose you a sale gift. In fact, we are in permanent relation with Ghanaian villagers who have an important quantity of Gold (AU). These villagers can provide periodically a very good quantity of Gold (AU) to every customer available to take merchandises from country.
Through our relationship with these Ghanaian farmer villagers, we are able to provide presently 1500kg of Gold (AU) which are with us in Ghana and whose characteristics are the following:
- Available quantity = 1500kg
- Nature of merchandise = Gold dry alluvial
- Quality = 22,77 Carats +
- From : Ghana
- Price by kg = 30,000$ US
The re-exportation and the delivery will be done by a transit company of our area (from Ghana to the arrival place).
Anyone who finds us a customer will have a commission.
So, we will work in contract with any person who is interested by our sale gift.
Mr. Phillips

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